Emergency lights should have a functional test monthly and a full rated duration test annually.

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Emergency Lighting ✔
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Fire Alarm Installation ✔
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Fire Extinguisher Installation and Servicing ✔
System Design ✔
Fire Risk Assessments ✔  

Fire Alarms

The recommended period between inspections should not exceed 6 months – if not implemented then the system is no longer compliant with BS5839.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers require a basic service every year and a discharge/overhaul based on the following intervals:

Type of Extinguisher Interval of Discharge
Water Every 5 Years
Foam (All types) Every 5 Years
Powder (Gas cartridge) Every 5 Years
Powder (Stored Pressure - Valve Operated) Every 5 Years
Powder (Stored Pressure - Primary Sealed) Every 10 Years and subsequently after a further 10 years
and thereafter at intervals not exceeding 5 years



Intruder Alarm Installation
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Door Entry/Access Control Systems ✔




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